Desk in (almost) a minute

You'll need:
- Thick rope (boat rope kind)

- slab of wood (your discretion and size)
- 2 small decorative shelve knobs (with screws attached on ends)

- 2 hinges

First begin by figuring out where you want to place the "desk".  This is perfect for small places. Next determine what size piece of wood you will need and cut to size. (Buy wood that is fairly thick and preferably not particle board).  Drill holes big enough for your rope to fit through into 2 of the corners. Paint wood to your liking.

After dry, screw hinges on opposite corners of drilled holes. (Notice: you can decide whether you want the board to flip up - add a hook system- or leave down - your preference.) Line up wood with edge of wall where you will be placing "desk" and screw hinges to wall. (Have someone help or place a chair or other
under to support the weight of the wood until you secure it to the wall).

Determine length of rope needed by measuring distance from wood (when propped up) to your desired point on the wall.  (Mark spots on wall for screwing on door knobs).  Allow extra length for tying on both ends. Thread 1 rope through hole and knot (see picture). Do the same for other side. Screw knobs into position and tie rope onto them. You can use decorative knots or just a plain knot. Test for security by pushing down some on "desk". Adjust tightness of knots if necessary. Now you
have no excuse to write your Aunt Jane!

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