Gardening 101


Dry your own pressed flowers

You'll need:
-Flowers from your own yard

-Wax paper
-Several phone books

-Air-tight container

Cut flowers when they are open (usually mid-morning) and look their best. Don't pick flowers that are too bulky (like carnations) or too delicate (like lilies). Neither will press or hold together well.

Place flowers inside the middle of your phone book. Proportion them so they are not touching, and if you'd like, place more flowers on a different page in the same phone book. Use a stick-it note to mark where you have placed the flowers so it will be easy to find.

Place phone book where no one will disturb and place 2-3 more phone books on top to help "squash" the flowers flat. Flowers should be dry in 1-2 weeks.  Store in airtight container.  Use flowers to decorate cards or make beautiful framed art for your walls or a friends wall!




Dried flowers look wonderful in a clear jar as a decoration.

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