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But some time after the creation, the man and woman God made, using their free will, disobeyed God. They broke the privilege of having fellowship with God (Genesis 3). Man, up to that point, had no sin to keep him apart from God.  So, the man and woman were "thrown out" of the garden because God can not have sin in His presence. Just like one little grain of yeast will "yeast up" a whole batch of dough (I Cor.5:7). And God can not allow "yeast" (sin) in Him.


The Bible tells us we will live forever. Not in these physical bodies, but in an eternal state (Heb.9:27,28  & 2Cor15:44). BUT, the problem still remains. We happen to have "yeast" in us, not allowing us to be with God. We will go to hell, a place of eternal torment (Matt.25:46) if we don't get rid of the yeast.  Now, many think that if we are good enough we can get rid of it. Have you ever tried to get rid of yeast that has already been put in dough? Impossible!!! We can not. And there is no one who is born "yeastless".. (Rom. 3:10). It "infected" all of us.

But God is "yeastless"...           More


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