Craft Ideas just for kids

Puzzle Card
You'll need:
- Construction paper
- scissors
- coloring utensils

First, cut the construction paper to the card height that you want it.
Second, fold the paper like you would a brochure (3 equal parts).
Third, cut down the middle part of the front, cutting through 2 layers of paper. Cut any shape you want. (see
top card image for more detail). Pull out the extra pieces of paper and color the way you want to.


Child's Stationary

You'll need:
- Paper
- Coloring utensils
- scanner
-colored printer

First, color a picture (one from your imagination is the best!)

Second, have an adult helper scan the picture onto the computer and have them use something like "Paint Shop" to resize and edit the picture so it's small enough to fit on the side of a paper.

Third, use the same program or another, to add your name, address, whatever else to create your own personalized stationary.

Once you have it the way you want it, print it out on a color printer. Way Cool!




Make a puzzle

You'll need:

-Scissors, pencil, glue, cardstock (or heavier) paper

-Fun picture (from magazine or other)


Glue your picture onto the cardstock.  Let dry a few minutes.   Draw any type of "puzzle" shape on top of picture and cut out.   Have fun putting it back together!  When done, put the puzzle in a storage bag to keep all the pieces together.


Puzzle Card idea



  Child drawing example

         Stationary example



What will your puzzle be?


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